Singing my Blues
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yeah i’ve kind of abandoned my tumblr for a while, been pretty busy with stuff with life and everything. I guess I’m stating that i’m gonna take a hiatus for a while idk for how long but I’ll be back on once everythings been cleared up. Sorry again


happy 5th anniversary, 소녀시대.

#SNSD5thAnniversary: SoshiBond

And then, of course, I have another family. I can’t leave out those 8 girls, who really are like nine sisters. I don’t know how they may appear on the outside but on the inside, they’re all so open and pure and bright. They’re like little children at times but many other times, I really feel like they’re so mature and strong. Sometimes, they’re like 8 unnies and other times, like 8 dongsaengs, or 8 friends, and at times, like my mum and dad too. Friends who are all so lovable and always make me so happy. They’re my family now. 
- Lee Sunkyu